Friday, May 14, 2010

Foodie Friday - Wine & Cheese... Yes Please!

This is the very clever invite from our friend Alicia of Akimbo to the wonderful Wine & Cheese night she held with her man to celebrate their birthdays over the weekend. We Loved the spread she did & she even picked up some amazing amazing ash chevre from the central markets!! (nice one!) When in Adelaide & wanting to celebrate or even just enjoy some fabulous fresh food of any description... number one hot tip - hit up the Central Markets!! We are also very spoilt here in Adelaide with some of the best wine in the world on our doorstep, so needless to say the vino was nothing short of fantastic either... But one of our most favourite details of the night was what had been done with some recycled wine bottles (courtesy of a local restaurant) and taper candles... have a look at how repeating a simple element en masse can create a sensational backdrop - not to mention some great ambient light and a decent amount of warmth for a cold autumn night. Enjoy your weekends!

1 comment:

  1. I need to thank YOU for the hot tip about the ash chevre... and The Man for removing the labels from all those bottles while I was at the markets tasting cheese!

    - Alicia