Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh Baby!

We're very excited to announce that Sonia delivered her beautiful & healthy baby girl Holly on the morning of Tuesday 22nd of June! To celebrate Holly's 1st week we thought we'd share images of the delicious desserts evening that was held a few weeks back in honour of the lovely Mother-to-be.

While it was important for guests to enjoy the feast for the senses, it was most important that the very expectant Mum-to-be couldn't be more comfortable and relaxed, so a cosy lounge setting adjacent the desserts was definitely order of the evening for seating arrangements and the custom themed bunting that flanked the lounge suites ensured a casual & fun, but refined atmosphere. The bunting & the balloon canopy that greeted guests as they entered the front reception hall were some of our favourite decorative DIY elements that announced 'celebration' and contributed to the sense of occasion.
Absolutely stunning, seasonal pink & red themed floral arrangements created by Poppies helped anchor the delicious home made desserts table perfectly and contributed a little lush luxe to the evening. We also chose to break with the strong fashion of ushering the desserts table to one side of the room to generate more communal space and instead chose specifically to make the table literally the centrepiece of the room to add a sense of grandure to a relatively small space & promote interaction among the deliberately limited guest list.
The evening couldn't have been sweeter, & neither could beautiful Holly... Congratulations Sonia & Chris! xoxo

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