Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gabrielle & Jarrod - Getting Ready

This post we’re going to give you a look into how the day began for the Gabrielle and Jarrod and their closest friends...

The day had arrived! Every detail planned, every moment considered, each ingredient of the occasion was designed to reflect Gabrielle & Jarrod’s casual, unassuming and caring character. Even the shoes, the dress, the suit, the rings... all perfectly emulated the relaxed but refined and beautiful day that was about to begin.
The mood of the bridal party was light and excited with anticipation & photographer Shona Henderson was there from the very start capturing every gorgeous moment, she did such an amazing job – we only wish we could share more images, but as mentioned there were literally thousands of photos and it has been so hard to choose so we’re going to share our favourites here
Gabrielle’s stunning dress was custom designed by Adelaide local fashion legend Liza Emanuele – B.E.A.UTIFUL! The dress epitomised femineity - flirty but completely graceful and the girls dresses reflected the vibrancy and fun that was to come. Meanwhile can we just mention that Jarrod and the boys totally rocked out their own choice of smooth attire – very nice boys... very nice!
Stay tuned for the next amazing instalment (on whatever day of the week it will be)... da da dadum da da dadum... Gabrielle and Jarrod’s ceremony is nothing short of quiver worthy! All the details come together to perfectly set the scene for A beautiful Summer Picnic Wedding.
And be sure to check out the winter issue of WSG magazine & click over to 100 Layer Cake to get even more of a look into the spectacular day!

Key tip for all brides and grooms: A wedding planner (ahem... um that would be us and in Gabrielle’s case that was Mary!) will be your best of friends not only on the day of your wedding but the months leading up to your big day. Let them/us do all the worrying and running around for you so that you get to just enjoy every moment and appreciate the pampering and fun of the occasion...


  1. So wish you guys were in Perth! I get exactly the right vibe from your wedding that I'd love to recreate for mine. Gorgeous :)

  2. love the wedding photos, what a beautiful day, congratulations!