Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blooming Wonderful - Tree Peonies

EEEEEKKKKK!!! *squeals of delight* One of m&g's fave suppliers of all things blooming wonderful Sally of Poppies called with the most exciting news this morning... she had the amazingly beautiful and super rare tree peonies just delivered to her store on Glen Osmond Rd.

These photos don't do them enough justice, & just so you can appreciate how rare and amazing these flowers are... the trees take at least 6 years before they begin to flower & then up to 70years to mature! The lovely gentlement kind enough to share these beautiful blooms with Sally, so in turn she could jump up and down with delight with Mary this afternoon, had a mature tree on the property he bought 30 years ago so the amazing flowers you see below are from a tree likely to be nearly 100years old! how mind blowing is that!

If you're in Adelaide this week make a trip to Poppies on Glen Osmond Rd & you might be lucky enough to appreciate these wonders in real life & have the opportunity to meet one of our fave and super talented florists too!

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