Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blooming Wonderful

Repeatedly we've found that one of the biggest challenges for our clients (& for the Florists who need to break the news to them) is a knowledge of what bloom's are in season when, what what they look like and what colours the blooms are available in without having been subjected to photoshop or colour filters, and also what blooms will fit into the budget. So to make the process a little easier we're going to post regularly the best of the seasonal blooms that are available in Australia (with many thanks to the amazing Sally of Poppies Florist for her contributions to this endeavour!)
Delightful Dahlias

There are over 36 species and more than 300 varities including cute little Poms (golf ball size & appearance), Waterlily (not a waterlily - but petals have a very similar appearance), Decorative (larger ball shaped heads) & Cactus (spikey looking petals) of these beautiful blooms
Blooming from early February through to late April
Available in every colour of the rainbow
Blooms as big as 3cm in diameter through to the size of your head! (yep... from small to enormous!)
They will last approximately 5 days once cut $$$$$


  1. Ok, these are my absolute favourite. If pigs fly and I meet mr right these will be my wedding flowers. I rarely see them available at florists etc though. any tips where to go? x

  2. What a great idea for helping out couples planning their wedding florals. And just love how "happy" dahlias look!

  3. Hi Kimberlee, these images were taken at Poppies Florist on Glen Osmond Rd, say Hi to Sally for us if you drop in x