Friday, April 15, 2011

Pamper Me Please!

Apologies for our lack of posting of late, but it has been the wedding high season and nothing short of chaos over the last few months... fabulous chaos of course... which means despite the severe lack of recent posts, over the coming months we will have plenty to share of our recent exploits! whoot! can't wait to share what we've been up to! (weddings, birthdays & moving houses, oh my!)

Now in the meantime, as we have well & truly experienced over the last few months, when it comes to any event there is always a reasonable amount of stress and pressure involved in the planning & delivery process. For us this is part & parcel, but we definitely know that balance is required to maintain commitment, enthusiasm & momentum, and one of the best ways we have found to restore that balance is to reward and rejuvenate with a pamper session!

So in the interest of maintaining balance and rewarding ourselves for a job well done & more importantly as one of our key roles is to ensure that stress is decreased and relaxation & enjoyment is optimal for our clients we thought 2 birds 1 stone & all it was time that we actively investigated the best health & relaxation preparations and rehabilitations... after all if we're going to recommend the best options for our clients we need to have first hand experience of them ourselves - right? right! 
So today it was off to Jurlique at Burnside Village for 60minutes of the Ultimate Face & Body ... A head to toe experience comprising of a relaxing massage with your choice of exquisite aromatheraphy oils followed by a restoring personalised facial. This treatment claims to be an overall indulgence that will leave you totally relaxed and refreshed... 
the run down:
Products 10/10 - amazing! absolutely gorgeous aromas (we tried various combinations of rose, jasmine, lavendar & citrus products), gentle, calming & refreshing... feel very light & delicate on the skin and leave your skin feeling sublime! 
Service 8/10 - very friendly, extremely polite & professional (but expect a little bit of a sales push for product purchase and re-booking at the end of your treatment)
Ambience & Fitout - 6/10 nice front of house (but not the most recent jurlique fitout), gentle warm low light in treatment rooms was appropriate, music was very well selected & relaxing, but unfortunately was drowned out somewhat by the construction zone next door (continuing until November) and we didn't pick the best time to go... 3pm on the last day of school meant the noise from the mall somewhat frustratingly interrupted the mood (so go outside of school holidays and book for the morning if you're going to Burnside). The services (as in water pipes, sinks etc) also need a bit of soundproofing. Treatment beds were super comfy (& heated -love!). 
Treatments 8/10 - Duration of each element of the treatment was well timed & executed, arm & leg massage portions were to die for... amazing! Pressure applied throughout massage & facial was very close to perfect. 
the verdict on this occasion:

Overall 7/10 - Doesn't hit the mark for an extravagant luxury stamp, this particular store would be a more ideal venue for for facial treatments as the ambient noise (mostly due to construction zone & school holidays) let the relaxation/retreat experience down, but the treatment itself was amazing! 

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